Stanno Sock Tape

Stanno Sock Tape
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Brand: Stanno
Color: Green
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Do you want to keep your shin guards and sport socks in place? Then this Stanno tape is the easiest solution. The breathable tape feels soft and comfortable on the skin. You can easily tear and unwind the self-adhesive tape by hand without scissors. The tape is 5 cm wide and there is 4.5 m on every roll. One package contains two rolls, so you are good for tape for a long time. The unique feature about this tape is that there is no adhesive layer on it, so you can easily remove the tape without damaging your skin, socks or shin guards.


  • 2 rolls per package
  • Soft and comfortable on the skin
  • Breathable
  • Easy to tear, unwind and remove, no need for scissors
  • Suitable for securing sports socks and shin guards