Escentric Molecules - Molecule 05 100 ml

Escentric Molecules - Molecule 05 100 ml
Categories: Men, Tops for Men
Brand: Escentric Molecules
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Molecule 05 contains the pure essence of a single aroma molecule, Cashmeran. Cashmeran is one of the major molecules in synthetic chemistry. It is a simple molecule, but with an unusually complex character. It combines a reassuring softness with a dry, aromatic and woody touch. The scent brings to mind a summer day on a Mediterranean island and the scent should without a doubt be tried on. The scent is delivered in a nice glass bottle. It is part of the design that it has no lid. The fragrance is unisex and can be used by both women and men. The top note in Escentric 05 is very simple: bergamot to keep things light, and orange, an ingredient that has something emotional about it, brilliant and cheerful. Laurel and rosemary are typical Mediterranean plants with a spicy freshness, juniper brings something herbaceous with it, and cypress a very dry, almost sharp woody note. The body note consists of two classic ingredients from the Mediterranean, cistus labdanum and mastic. Mastic is a resin formed by a small tree that grows especially near the sea. It has a clean, sharp scent of freshly cut branches. Cistus is a small plant that grows throughout the Mediterranean. It has a sweet, leathery, balsamic quality. And of course cashmeran, which gives the scent a pine-like warmth.Notes:Bergamot, orange, laurel, rosemary, juniper, cypress, cistus labdanum, mastic and cashmere